Our concert hall

Our home, The Bartók Hall

Szombathely is the stronghold of the Hungarian Bartók-cult. The concert hall, bearing the name of Béla Bartók, is home to the Symphony Orchestra and the venue of its rehearsals and performances. The building of the former synagogue is a listed building and is now under protection. Its restoration was the result of the joint efforts of the Municipality of Szombathely and that of Vas County, who together spent 400 million HUF on this project. The impressive outer features of the concert hall, famous for its great acoustics, have been preserved during the refurbishment, The internal restoration, however, involved all parts of the building and transformed it into a concert hall that now meets European standards. The audience could meet the orchestra in the renewed and modernised Bartók Hall at the season’s opening concert on 27 October 2007.