What is this?

In 2013 the motto of the Savaria Symphony Orchestra was “Over Fifty”.

In relation to this we decided, uniquely in the country, to launch Savaria Symphony Orchestra’s Exclusive Card.



  • The beautifully and exclusively designed plastic cards are numbered and have the users name printed on them.
  • The card entitles the user to discounts that they can take advantage of when using the services of our partners, who are listed on our webpage.
  • It is basically the employees of Savaria Symphony Orchestra who can obtain this card, but we are continuously extending the range of users.
  • We do not wish to issue a mass card, but an exclusive product which the future user can be proud of.


  • Businesses and services in our region which are honoured to provide the holder of the Savaria Symphony Orchestra Exclusive Card with discounts.
  • Our partners undertake to give a discount of at least 5% on their products and services.
  • Our Partners undertake to display the stickers saying “We accept Savaria Symphony Orchestra Exclusive Card” in a place where it is easy to spot.
  • Savaria Symphony Orchestra enables its partners to make permanent use of its advertising spaces including www.sso.hu and www.iseumijatekok.hu. Also, it undertakes to display the logo and the contacts of the business on the list of ours contacted partners in the drop-down menu Exclusive Card.
  • Businesses have the opportunity for individual offers and seasonal discounts. Cardholders will be informed of these via email newsletters.
  • Savaria Symphony Orchestra provides the same percentage discount on its tickets as much as the partners provide on their products and services.
  • In case of most popular events, our partners are entitled to purchasing tickets with an exclusive advance booking opportunity lasting for three days.
  • In honour of our partners, we annually organize a reception, where we thank them in person for revitalizing the cultural life of Szombathely.