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Celebration 1.


World Music Day

Mendelssohn: Hebrides- overture
Mozart: Clarinet concerto
Brahms: I. symphony

Közreműködik: Varga Gábor

Vezényel: Kovács János

Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy (1809-1847) is a German composer, conductor, piano and organist. The Hebrides
the overture in B minor and the dark color of the melody on cellos, viola and bassoon,
it displays the gloomy basic mood of the landscape, and the weightless, often repeating basic motif evokes a sense of some kind of timeless floating. The piece, composed in the classical sonata form, is based entirely on the initial motif. Its elaborate part draws attention to itself with its special colors; by alternating the material of the opposite character of the winds and strings. Here the composer moves away from the Hebrides for a time, evoking one of the characteristic characters of German Romanticism, the forest sound well known from the Weber Magic Hunter.
At the end of the work, instead of the expected triumphant, roaring ending, the Scottish archipelago, the Hebrides, disappears from our sight forever with soft string pizzicas.
clarinet competition. According to Antal Molnár: “the first movement is diligent, ordinary, seriously-pleasantly talkative; the slow movement is flooding, dreamy; the third, the Rondo, is dazzling, humorous, with a serious face that brings serenity ”. Johannes Brahms (1833-1897) completed his 1st Symphony by 1876, after more than two decades of maturation. The introduction,
a slow part, summarizing the important thoughts of the movement, gloomy, tragic, full of tension. The second movement – in contrast to the first, shows a moderate chamber music character with a restrained tone, tempo and orchestration. Scherzo-type movement 3 approaches Schubert’s nature music, the sound of German folk songs. The fourth movement is the largest he has ever composed in the field of instrumental music. The basic idea of ​​the first movement, its internal tension, can be recognized in it. Following the unexpected trio of cauldron drums – as a contrast to the mood so far – the famous “alpine horn theme” sounds, evoking natural images.

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