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Celebration 5.

May 30.

Hungarian Classical Music Day


Contributed: Zsolt Hamar

To the richness, old and new values, masters of small and large, variety and side of Hungarian classical music
to be proud of its unknown features is by no means some kind of narrow-minded nationalism. Just
on the contrary, since our own music, the works of our composers of the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries, are
at all: we find it in the universal medium of world classical music. To do this, we measure and place in
the fruit of Hungarian music literature. In 2021, the Academy of Music and the National Philharmonic Orchestra launched a concert series entitled “Hungarian Classical Music Day” on Zoltán Kocsis’s birthday with a tradition-creating intention, in the program of which works by Hungarian authors will be performed throughout the country. The head of the music department of the Hungarian Academy of Arts, the composer Péter Tóth, who has already been recognized with several art awards, has been asked by our ensemble to create a new work, the premiere of which can be heard this evening.

3500 Ft


Date: May 30.

Time: 19:00-21:00

Cost: 3500 Ft

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