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Harmony 9. and Symphony 8.


Harmony 9. and Symphony 8.

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Janáček: Cossack dance and Serbian kolo
Smetana: In Czech forests and fields
Dvořák: VII. symphonic

Conductor: Ádám Cser

Czech and Polish romantic works will be performed at the 6th concert of the Symphony season ticket. Perhaps the most popular composition of Bedřich Smetana (1824–1884) is Moldavia, which is the second piece in the composer’s 1879 cycle entitled My Country. This time, the lesser-known but no less exciting fourth piece of the series, entitled Czech Forests and Fields, is performed. In the work, in addition to singing the majestic atmosphere of the Czech landscape, the cheerfulness of the village entertainments was also captured by the composer, who was already completely deaf at the time.

To close the concert, Antonín Dvořák VII. his symphony, like Smetana’s work, sounds the voices of the Czech soul. In 1884, Dvořák was elected an honorary member of the London Philharmonic Society, and a plan for another symphony was formulated in the composer. Shortly afterwards, at a railway station, Czech musicians returning home from Pest inspired the first theme of the symphony, which the composer wanted to create as a musical expression of contemporary Czech political aspirations. Certainly, this deep personality and the inspiration that came from it also contributed to the music historian being considered one of the best works by music historians Dvořák.

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Date: 2021-04-23

Time: 19:00-21:00

Cost: 1500 Ft

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