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Symhony Spring 4.

May 6.

Bartók and Bruckner

Bartók: Ungarische Bilder
Bartok: III. Klavierwettbewerb
Bruckner: IV. symphonisch

Soloist: Mihály Berecz

Conductor: Gergely Vajda

In 1931, Béla Bartók arranged some of his earlier piano pieces, which he wrote in one cycle.
together. The orchestral work entitled Hungarian Pictures was created from this. Items: 1. Evening at the Szeklers, 2. Bear dance,
3. Melody, 4. Slightly soaked, 5. Ancient canoe dance. Béla Bartók III. His piano concerto in (E major) originated in 1945, when the author was already living in the United States and already suffering from advanced leukemia. The premiere took place on February 8, 1946. He recommended the work to his wife, Ditta Pásztory, who was highly educated himself
he was a pianist. In his piano concerts so far, ‘aggressiveness’ and virtuosity have been at the forefront, now more
the emphasis is on lyricism. This “will to do” of Bartók dissolves his whole oeuvre in a strange new harmony
conflicts. The orchestration of the last 17 beats of the composition was complemented by Tibor Serly. One of Anton Bruckner’s (1824-1896) most popular symphonies is the IV. Symphony in (E flat major). Above the soft tremolo of the strings, an infinitely simple horn signal sounds. This theme germ has a double face. The motif is, on the one hand, static, self-contained, recurring, and, on the other hand, upward-breaking and dynamic, which can be explained primarily by the rhythm of the motif. The mood of the slow movement is in many ways
has been characterized. Some hear melancholy, sad, others hear nature music from it, again
others mourning. According to Bruckner’s biographers, this is a pilgrim of Andante. The finale, completed in 1880 (which a contemporary reviewer called the “Final Judgment” finale), replaced a “folk festival” -type closing. In the period between the two finals – typical of Bruckner – the composer was already working on the fifth and sixth symphonies, as well as reworking the second and third. The new works and reworkings obviously also had an impact on the finale of the Fourth Symphony.

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Date: May 6.

Time: 19:00-21:00

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