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Symphony 4.



Borogyin: Prince Igor Overture
Bartók: II. piano competition
Dvořák: VIII. symphonic

Contributed by:
Zoltán Fejérvári- Pianist

Conductor: Gergely Vajda


The pianist Zoltán Fejérvári, a well-known pianist both at home and abroad, is a truly dedicated performer of the music of Béla Bartók (1881–1945) – in 2017, Bartók III. he earned the victory at the Montreal Piano Competition by interpreting his piano concerto. This time Bartók II. he performs as a soloist in his piano concerto. The resounding composition came out of the composer’s workshop in 1931, shortly after the completion of the Cantata profana, and was premiered in 1933 in Frankfurt with Bartók’s solo. The three-movement work is a representative of the Bartók bridge shape: in the third movement the variation of the first movement returns, and the second movement itself forms a bridge shape, in which two slow sections enclose a scherzo. The orchestration of the work is also exciting: in the opening movement, in addition to the piano, only the winds and percussion instruments play, then in the second movement the situation is reversed and the string choir joins the soloist. The whole ensemble plays only in the closing movement. The two works framing the concert work offer a taste of Slavic romance. The best-known number of Alexander Borogyin’s (1833–1887) Prince Igor’s opera is Polovec’s Dances, but this time the opening of the work is played. Due to Borogyin’s sudden death, Prince Igor remained half-finished. According to legend, the overture was completed by Alexander Glazunov, recalling Borodin’s foreplay. For a long time, the work strengthened the camp of forgotten masterpieces – opinions about whether it got there rightfully or unworthily are divided. a symphony composed by the master in 1889 on the occasion of his election to the Czech Academy of Sciences. In his musicality, this symphony is certainly closest to the captivating, sometimes sentimentalist melodic world of Slavic dances.



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