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Bartók Hall Rákóczi Street 3, Szombathely, H-9700 Tel.: (+36 94) 313 747 (Bartók Terem). E-mail:
or, prior to the Concert Beginn at the Bartók Hall.
You can buy it at here under the texts or site!
Monday-Friday 9:00-14:00, or until the spot one hour before the start of the concert.
From August 10 to September 1, 2019 the ticket office is closed! Thank you for your understanding!


28.000 Ft


28.000 Ft

Music Elf

750 Ft

Saison Tickets are available only at the Bartók Hall!

Combined passes are available at discounted prices:

50 % comes off the price of the Harmony pass when purchasing a Symphony and a Harmony pass at the same time!