Planting order during the epidemiological situation

Dear Audience! Dear Viewers!

Pursuant to Section 3 (2) (a) and (b) of Government Decree 479/2020 (XI.3.), The auditorium planting order of cultural institutions is as follows:
From November 4, 2020, viewers
'(A) they may occupy only every third seat, with two seats between two spectators
should be left blank, and
(b) seats immediately adjacent to each other shall not be occupied. "
In line with the current legal provisions, we have narrowed the maximum number of spectators for the performances in order to ensure an adequate distance between the spectators. Our colleagues have prepared the auditorium chair allocation that, according to the latest decision, will allow a concert visit.
Those coming from one household cannot sit next to each other!
Due to the observance and observance of the above, the planting is done in the order of arrival, in a controlled manner!
We kindly ask our Audience to observe the 1.5 m distance in the reception area while waiting for the performance to start.
Ticket sales are paused, they can only come to our performances with the purchased season tickets!
The measures already taken in the past are, of course, unchanged:
- body temperature is measured on arrival
- it is obligatory to wear the mask during the stay in the Bartók Hall
- please use outsourced hand sanitizers whenever possible
- the ventilation and disinfection of the concert hall is continuous
- please arrive on time to ensure smooth access

Thank you very much for your understanding and perseverance!

November 17, 2020
Savaria Symphony Orchestra